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ProFortis stands for:
"PROfessional Facilitation about Ore , Roads, Trade, Industry and Services".

We are deeply involved in Business Facilitation i.e. various activities linked to
brokerage, intermediation, marketing & sales support, technical assistance and lobby.

At ProFortis, the word "PROfessional" means that that
if something is worth taking care of, it’s only worth doing it right!

Basically, based on the understanding of your needs or concerns, we are used to identify suppliers on the international market place that are able to match international quality standards to most attractive prices in order to optimize the proposed solutions.

Our strong knowledge asset is supported by an international network of seasoned partners with dedicated skills. This enables the development of offers related to services and equipment whatever their actual level of technology.

PFI Ltd takes advantage of years of well established relationships by its shareholders and partners with numerous suppliers located in France , Europe, North America and Asia.

Thanks to their active support, PFI Ltd can facilitate miscellaneous supplies, provide sales support, training and focused technical assistance services.

The Industrial Fishing Department of PFI Ltd is devoted to provide marketing, sales and technical assistance to prospects interested in miscellaneous fishing activities, with highlight on the Mauritanian halieutic resources.

Liaison office for Mauritania
BP 1472

Liaison office for Senegal
c/o PB Aviation Consulting Dakar Sarl
B.P. 29587 Yoff.

Liaison office for Asia
10th Fl, #13, Alley 9
Lane 228, Songren rd,
Taipei 110,
Taiwan, R.O.C.

is registered under “Company Act 1985 & 1989” with reg. office located
56 Station rd., Westgate on Sea , Kent CT8 8QY , England , United Kingdom.
REGISTRATION NUMBER 515 34 98 at Cardiff Company House.
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