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Demersal Fish Species (sea bed)

demersal fish species

This terminology encompasses crustaceans (shrimps, langoustine, lobster and crabs), cephalopods (octopus, squid, calamar) as well as miscellaneous fish belonging to the benthic or bentho-pelagic species and living in shallow waters or on the seabed.

The modification of the marine ecosystem, in particular the significant reduction in predator species, favoured the abundance of noble démersale species, lobster and shrimps in Mauritanian waters.

There is a great deal of various demersal species in Mauritanian waters. It would be fastidious to describe all of them.

The benthic zone is the lowest level of the ocean

Living on the bottom or mid waters of the ocean, feeding on benthic and free swimming organisms.

Some demersal and bentho-pelagic possible catch (dwelling on the sea bottom and mid waters)


Rubberlip grunt (English)
Abadèche (Daurade grise) (French)
Plectorhinchus mediterraneus (Latin)

Rubberlip grunt

Goldblotch grouper (E)
Mérou badèche (Fr)
Epinephelus costae

Goldblotch grouper
African hind (E)
Mérou africain (Mérou à points bleus, mérou rouge) (Fr)
Cephalopholis taeniops
African hind
White grouper (E)
Tiof (Mérou bronzé, mérou blanc) (Fr)
Epinephelus aeneus
White grouper
Meagre (E)
Argyrosomus regius (Asso, 1801);
Spottail spiny turbot (E)
Flétan (Turbot tropical)(Fr)
Psettodes belcheri
Spottail spiny turbot
White sea bream (E)
Sar commun (Fr)
Diplodus sargus lineatus
White sea bream
Common two-banded sea bream (E)
Sar doréà tête noire (Fr)
Diplodus vulgaris
Common two-banded sea bream
Pink dentex (E)
Denté à long fil (Gros denté rose) (Fr)
Dentex gibbosus
Pink dentex
Redbanded sea bream (E)
Pagre rayé (Cocher) (Fr)
Redbanded sea bream
Bluespotted sea bream (E)
Pagre à points bleus (Fr)
Pagrus caeruleostictus
Bluespotted sea bream
Red porgy (E)
Pagre commun (Fr)
Pagrus pagrus
Red porgy
Large-eye dentex (E)
Denté à gros yeux (Daurade à gros yeux)(Fr)
Dentex macrophth
Large-eye dentex
Canary dentex (E)
Denté à tache rouge (Daurade rose) (Fr)
Dentex canariensis
Canary dentex
Gilthead sea bream (E)
Dorade royale (Fr)
Sparus auratus
Gilthead sea bream
Portuguese sole (E)
Sole de roche(Fr)
Synaptura lusitanica
Portuguese sole
Cyclope sole (E)
Sole perdrixlangue(Fr)
Pegusa triophthalma
Cyclope sole
Senegalese tonguesole (E)
Sole du Sénégal (Fr)
Cynoglossus senegalensis
Senegalese tonguesole
Wedge sole (E)
Céteau (Fr)
Dicologlossa cuneata
Wedge sole
And much more fish like:
  • - Guinean striped mojarra
  • - Spotted burr fish
  • - King fish
  • - West African stargazer
  • - King kiling
  • - Offshore rockfish
  • - Bastard grunt
  • - Sabre...


Flying squid (A)
Encornet (Fr)
Ommastrephes bartrami
Flying squid
Octopus (E)
Poulpe (Fr)
Octopus vulgaris
Cuttlefish (E)
Seiche (Fr)
Sepia officinalis


Norway lobster (E)
Langoustine (Fr)
Nephrops norvegicus
Norway lobster
Strip red shrimp (E)
Gambon rayé (Fr)
Aristeus Varidens
Strip red shrimp
Scarlet shrimp (E)
Crevette rouge géante (Fr)
Plesiopenaueus edwarsianus,/
Scarlet shrimp
Tiger shrimp (E)
Crevette tigrée (Fr)
Penaeus kerathurus
Tiger shrimp
Pink spiny lobster (E)
Langouste rose (Fr)
Palinurus mauritanicus
Pink spiny lobster
Royal spiny lobster (E)
Langouste verte (Fr)
panulirus regius
Royal spiny lobster
Red crab (E)
Géryon (Fr)
Chaceon maritae
Red crab


Warty venus (E)
Palourde (Fr)
Venus rosalina
Warty venus
Clam (E)
Praire (Fr)
Venus verrucosa
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